Help your little one discover God’s love and redemption.

“Because of Jesus, we aren’t broken anymore.”

With the help of their mother, the Bible, and a broken picture frame, two lovable sisters discover the reality of being broken by sin and the joy of God making them new through the life and death of Jesus.

Kind Words For Broken
This is a great book to teach young children about sin. It’s not scary, and it’s not loaded with guilt. It’s just a perfect testimony. It also has beautiful pictures and has two very lovable main characters. As an adult who loves children’s books, I really enjoyed it!

I love that the book’s plotline is simple and easy for children to follow and yet there are so many layers of Spiritual depths you can dig into. There are Scriptures that are highlighted in the book that you can help your child memorize. It also leads into a natural conversation about salvation and accepting Jesus’ sacrifice for us to pay for our sins. It explains our own brokenness and how we cannot fix ourselves but only God can make us new. The illustrations are beautiful. My 3yo loved the book, understood the sins highlighted as well as ways to reconcile that sin through Jesus.

What a wonderful book for children to read and share with their parents! This book is written in a way that children can understand what sin is and how important it is to turn to Jesus. The illustrations beautifully show the story to help younger kids to understand. I highly recommend this book!